Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All Good Things Must Wrap

Wrap tops and dresses are a great way to put together a stylish outfit while enhancing your better body parts and making you look slimmer. There are a number of features that make wraps a good choice for fat women. First, most wrap tops come with a V-neck, which elongates the torso. If the V is too deep or puckers slightly, simply stick a coordinating-color camisole to protect your private bits. This will also give you the opportunity to wear a slimming camisole for double the pleasure, double the fun.

Wrap tops also make you seem thinner by emphasizing the narrowest part of your waste. Tie the wrap top as tight as you feel comfortable - you'll be showing off the best part of you. Stick to darker colors or patterns for an even more attractive look.

Wraps dresses are also very popular today. A flattering wrap dress will have several elements in its construction:
1. A deep v-neck that can be worn alone or with a camisole underneath.
2. At the top of the v, a collar that will help balance you out and make things more acceptable for work.
3. Puffy sleeves: they won't make you look like a football player, but they'll elongate your torso and make your arms look attractive. This might sound a little strange, but trust me, give it a try!
4. A top that can be wrapped tightly to emphasize the narrowest part of your waste.
5. A skirt that starts at your waste, then flares out to the knee. The flare will minimize your bottom half, plus the flowiness of it is quite attractive!

Accessorize a wrap dress with large earrings and a pair of wedges or high heels, and you've got yourself a great outfit for work or play.

Faux wraps are also a good choice.

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