Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoes for Every (Foot) Body

A lot of people assume that shoes are the perfect choice for a session of retail therapy because they will democratically fit women of all shapes and sizes. What people forget, though, is that being fat will make your feet fat, too. There's no unseen fat barrier that runs between the bottom of your ankles and the top of your feet, leaving them fat-free while the rest of your body grows.

That's why finding retail outlets that stock wide shoes is such a great find, and unfortunately, a rarity.

That's why I'm saying hat's off to Torrid for their pretty amazing shoe selection. Some shoes are available in medium width only, but the majority will fit women with wider feet and larger calves. Below you will see a sample of some of the Torrid footwear options. Click on an image to get more information. Enjoy!




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